10 questions to our employee: Minttu @ Koh Lanta

Minttu Räsänen snorkeling at Koh Lanta
Raya Divers - Minttu
1. Who are you / where are you / what are you doing?
Minttu Räsänen, Koh Lanta, I'm in charge of the Koh Lanta office and sometimes work as a snorkeling guide in the excursions.
2. Where do you come from / what did you do before this?
I come from Finland, studied tourism and business and worked a lot on the past years. Last year I was here at Raya Divers as well conducting the snorkeling tours. Before Thailand I worked in various hotels and other travel industry companies and now the last three years for the Coffee House chain.
3. What's best in Koh Lanta?
Awesome beaches, great dive sites, beach lifestyle and relaxed atmosphere. 
4. You favourite trip?
Koh Haa diving trips and snorkeling trips. The crystal clear waters of Koh Haa islands offer so many things to see, always something new.
5. Your favourite restaurant?
Living Room at Long Beach. Fantastic breakfast, brunch and great coffee. It's a nice place to spend a morning!
6. Green curry or Phat Thai?
Phat Thai
7. Big fish or small things?
Big fish!
8. Singha or Chang?
Neither, I prefer a nice cocktail.
9. Beach bar or night club?
In Koh Lanta the beach bars is the thing, in other destinations I might choose a night club.
10. Best thing so far this season?
Best thing so far is going to Thailand, new exciting destination and wonderful collegues.
Minttu Räsänen

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